Qualification Awarded Program Süresi Toplam Kredi (AKTS) Öğretim Şekli Yeterliliğin Düzeyi ve Öğrenme Alanı
Associate (Short Cycle) Degree 2 120 FULL TIME TYÇ, TR-NQF-HE, EQF-LLL, ISCED (2011):Level 5
QF-EHEA:Short Cycle
TR-NQF-HE, ISCED (1997-2013): 72

Specific Admission Requirements

The admission requirement for this program is to have completed a high school or equivalent education and to have received a sufficient score in the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT). Students are admitted to the program according to the principles determined by the Council of Higher Education. Foreign Students are accepted within the framework of the success criteria determined by the Senate.