Qualification Awarded Program Süresi Toplam Kredi (AKTS) Öğretim Şekli Yeterliliğin Düzeyi ve Öğrenme Alanı
Bachelor's (First Cycle) Degree 4 240 FULL TIME TYÇ, TR-NQF-HE, EQF-LLL, ISCED (2011):Level 6
QF-EHEA:First Cycle
TR-NQF-HE, ISCED (1997-2013): 44,52

General Information

Industrial Engineering has a wide field of study, both in the manufacturing industry and in all service sectors. Industrial engineering can reach the solution of the problems encountered in many sectors by developing systems, models and methods. While developing solutions to problems, it makes use of information such as basic sciences, engineering sciences, behavioral sciences, statistics and information sciences, production. It is not enough to make a single definition of industrial engineering, which has a wide field of study. In general, industrial engineering; It is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, establishment, development and management of systems that produce products or services. In his works, he tries to reach the best solution by using human, machine, material, money, energy and information resources in an optimum way.