Qualification Awarded Program Süresi Toplam Kredi (AKTS) Öğretim Şekli Yeterliliğin Düzeyi ve Öğrenme Alanı
Associate (Short Cycle) Degree 2 120 FULL TIME TYÇ, TR-NQF-HE, EQF-LLL, ISCED (2011):Level 5
QF-EHEA:Short Cycle
TR-NQF-HE, ISCED (1997-2013): 72

General Information

Emergency Health Services are medical interventions that should be done to protect the life and quality of life of the patient or injured in cases that occur after an emergency disease or accident and require intervention without losing time. Pre-hospital emergency care is very important for the continuity of life in Emergency Health Services. Health professionals, who usually intervene in a critical situation at the first moment, are equipped with knowledge, know what to do in the face of all kinds of events, act calmly and act according to ethical rules, are trained by the first and emergency aid program.