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Program Profili

All fields of life sciences basically examine living things and their relationships with each other by asking why and how questions. Molecular Biology and Genetics is the field of life science that studies living things structurally and functionally at the molecular level. In recent years, studies in the fields of life sciences and biotechnology have gained momentum with the analysis of the genetic code of different organisms, including humans.
In the Molecular Biology and Genetics Master's Program with Thesis, it is aimed to train experts with a science background and perspective in order to apply knowledge and findings in the field of molecular biology and genetics for the benefit of society in the fields of health, food and agriculture.
The Department of Molecular Biology has a 70 m2 laboratory equipped with the basic equipment needed in the field of molecular biology and genetics, suitable for educational and research purposes, and animal and plant tissue culture laboratories, which are partitioned in a total area of 40m2. The department has the infrastructure for the use of basic molecular biological techniques and the cultivation of animals, plants and bacteria. In addition, the infrastructure and superstructure of our university in the fields of health and engineering will enable multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies to be carried out in the program.