Qualification Awarded Program Süresi Toplam Kredi (AKTS) Öğretim Şekli Yeterliliğin Düzeyi ve Öğrenme Alanı
Bachelor's (First Cycle) Degree 5 300 FULL TIME TYÇ, TR-NQF-HE, EQF-LLL, ISCED (2011):Level 6
QF-EHEA:First Cycle
TR-NQF-HE, ISCED (1997-2013): 72

Profile of the Programme

Of the 300 ECTS credits that must be completed during the curriculum, 75% is compulsory and 25% is elective courses. Compulsory and elective courses are opened by dentistry, basic medicine and clinical medical departments, medical education, statistics, epidemiology and communication departments, as well as sports sciences, occupational therapy, theater, fine arts, physical therapy departments and elective courses coordinator. In addition, Turkish Language, Foreign Language, Atatürk's Principles and History of Revolution, Basic Information and Communication Technologies, the principles of which are determined by the University Senate, are compulsory. The use of Basic Information and Communication Technologies course is given in the first semester with online education. The courses in the curriculum are given as theoretical, practical and clinical applications as semesters. Except for the first year, practical, clinical applied courses are offered in both semesters in the same year. All theoretical and practical courses applied in each academic year are complementary to the previous year and prerequisite courses linked to the next year's education. For this reason, our faculty does not pass a course, but a class pass system is implemented. Fourth and fifth grades are clinical internship years. While only one of the physical education and fine arts courses was taken as a compulsory elective course in the previous program, the number and variety of elective courses were increased with the new arrangement. In the new program, there are elective courses available every semester, and the percentages of ECTS credits are 54.7% for in-field courses and 45.3% for non-field courses. In the first four semesters, non-field elective courses are at a higher rate.